Create the housewarming party of the year with the help of our delightful cupcakes

Wherever there is a house to be warmed, Mz Cupcake is there to make it one extra sweet affair. We specialise in creating all kinds of unique and wonderful customised cupcakes, and are sure we can make something that will be the talking point of your housewarming party.

As you’ll see from the gallery of images below, we take pride in going the extra mile to make sure your special event is memorable. Beyond the aesthetics though, we are also passionate about making truly yummy cupcakes, and do so by only using the freshest ingredients, tried and tested recipes, and hand making every element.

If you want to ensure your housewarming is especially spectacular, call on the help of Mz Cupcake. We offer delivery around Melbourne subject to availability, with most orders picked up from our location in Seaford, Victoria. By filling out our online enquiry form, we’ll be able to get the first steps of working out your order underway.