Girl’s Catch Up

Catching up with the girls just isn’t the same without a cupcake in hand!

Whether it’s been 12 months or 12 hours since the last time you saw your girlfriends, a quality catch up never goes astray. On the same topic as things not going astray, you never need much of an excuse to enjoy some yummy cupcakes, so you can imagine how incredible a combination of the two would be.

That killer combination is exactly what Mz Cupcake offers through our delicious girl’s catch up cupcakes. With a range of designs and flavours to choose from, plus the option to customise your order according to your liking, you can easily amp up the sweetness factor of your already sweet hangout.

We are based in Seaford, Victoria, providing the ultimate convenience for you to pick up your girly cupcakes before your catch up. Deliveries throughout Melbourne can also be arranged, though they are subject to availability.

Contact us today and discuss your order, and make catching up with the girls all the more special! Make sure you check out our images below to see the kind of work we can do, too.